The side effects of Piment Doux serum are basically caused from sensitive skin of users and wrong usage. This review is based on customers’ experience and opinion as well as my own personal research.

The Piment Doux Serum is a lightening lotion that is used to eliminate or lighten dark spots and brighten sensitive parts of the body such as the armpit, elbows, knuckles, knees, foot, and inner thighs.

The cream is produced in Cameroon with certain very active components or ingredients that, if not used appropriately, may cause severe negative effects to consumers, particularly those with sensitive skin.

Sunburn, itching and redness of the face, and other side effects of piment doux are possible reactions you might notice. As you read on, you will gain a thorough understanding of its negative effects.

To assist you understand better, I’ve compiled some information on the piment doux serum review, its potential side effects, and, of course, the benefits of using the serum.

Piment Doux Serum Reviews – What no one is tell you

The original piment doux serum helps to remove dark spots, clear pimples and circles from the skin. It cleanses your skin and leaves it to become smooth, fresh, clear, even tone, radiant and beautiful.

Because the serum contains very active ingredients, it is not recommended to use it in direct sunlight because it is quite potent and might cause irreparable damage to your skin if it comes into contact with sunlight, fire, or steam.

During a discussion with a customer on Amazon, we noted that the lotion works under 1-3 weeks of proper usage. Although it peeled her skin first, the end result was excellent.

She claimed that it took her years to find something for her knuckles, and that her hands now have a uniformed hue. It spreads and absorbs easily when applied to the skin.

Speaking about the scent: Piment doux serum scents fruity; it doesn’t smell offensive or overpowering. It is originally yellowish in color, if you had yours that other than yellow, then that’s the fake one.

This serum will fully eliminate any sort of hyperpigmentation on your skin and will absorb quickly. It has a strong and positive influence on the body.

The ingredients

Piment doux serum ingredients are very active. It contains Fruit acids, Exfoliating essence, Lavender Essential Oils: Lemon-Parsley, Coenzyme Q10, Collagen elastin, Vitamin A, E and D.

The fruit acids are derived from fruits & plants which helps to mildly exfoliate and brighten the skin. 

The coenzyme Q10 is naturally produced  which acts as an antioxidant and helps to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks.

Benefits Of Piment Doux Serum

Below is what piment doux serum does to the skin;

  • It is used to clear and cleanse dark spots from the skin.
  • It helps to renew dead skin layers.
  • Brightens the skin immediately.
  • It gives a clearer skin tone.
  • It clears pimples.
  • It clears sunburns.
  • It clears blemishes.

Side Effects of Piment Doux Serum

If you have sensitive skin, you may experience that your skin would peel and you can also experience redness of the face as well as itching. Some other side effects includes:

  • It might cause sunburn
  • You can experience skin breaking so badly.
  • Turns skin red after replicating
  • Your skin might peel at first.

To avoid serious side effects, I recommend mixing it with a moisturizer or a foundation cream before applying it to your skin to reduce redness and irritation.

Can piment doux serum be used on the face

Yes you can use the cream on your face. You can use it to clear pimples, dark spots under the eyes and others.

Can Piment doux clear pimples

Yes it clears pimples. It contains collagen and vitamins that are efficacious against pimples and black spots.

Does piment doux cause stretch marks

No it doesn’t cause stretch marks, but if your skin is so sensitive, you might experience it.

Does piment doux serum contain hydroquinone? 

I’ve done my research and the truth is, piment doux serum contains 6% hydroquinone which is not stated on the label, of course I’m furious about that.

According to my study from healthine, the cream uses hydroquinone to slightly bleach or lighten the skin. This same hydroquinone is the cause of the peeling effects of the serum.

Although Hydroquinone is not harmful to the skin, excessive use is not just advised.

Hydroquinone is used to lighten the dark patches of skin which is also called hyperpigmentation, liver spots, age spots, or freckles.

How to mix piment doux serum for chocolate skin type.

Please do not mix this serum with your whitening creams; you will be disappointed.

If you want to use piment doux safely and successfully, combine a bottle in 150ml natural oil based on your skin type.

Sunflower oil is recommended for oily skin, almond oil for dry skin, and olive oil or coconut oil for regular skin.

You should only use the combination before going to bed. Repeat the method four times a week and you’ll be delighted at the results.

Is piment a bleaching cream

No, it is not regarded as a potential bleaching cream.

How to use piment doux serum for dark knuckles

You can use it straight with a dry cotton swab to remove dark knuckles. It is best to use at night and don’t forget to use sunscreen if using during the day.

Piment doux serum fake and original

The original lotion is sealed, and the ingredients are listed on the label in French. Under the original Bottle is a triangle-shaped BB logo.

The genuine color is yellowish, and anything else is a fake. Made in Cameroon is written on the label.

For better understanding about knowing the fake from the original, this video below would help you.

Fake vs Original piment doux serum

How much is piment doux in Nigeria

The cream cost about N6500 in Nigeria depending on your location. You can buy from Cocci

Conclusion and why you should get the Cream

The cream is basically good for clear dark spots and removes blemishes from your skin. When applying it directly without mixing make sure you use it only at night and if you decide to use it during the day, mixed with sunscreen.

The notable side effects of the Piment Doux Serum is that it peels the skin and might also cause sunburn if you have sensitive skin.

Side Effects of Piment Doux Serum



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