Bismid cream is a product of Bismid Cosmetics. It is an effective body whitening cream that quickly brightens and lightens the skin while minimising any form of discoloration.

Bismid creams has been shown to have numerous benefits, including eradicating black or dark spots, sunburn, dark knuckles, elbows, kneels, discoloration, rough skin, and any dark area.

Generally, all Bismid products beautify your skin complexion. 

Bismid cream is a trusted and reputable brand because it is inexpensive and softens and smoothes your skin while moisturizing and nourishing it and giving it a healthy and rich appearance.

Bismid whitening lotion will whiten your skin in seven days and remove any discoloration or uneven tone you may have on your skin.

Apart from all these appraisals, have you ever thought about the cream side effects to the skin?…

What are the most significant complications of using the cream? According to most customers, the bismid cream has no side effects and is quite effective on all skin types.

This review would help you to understand better about the side effects of Bismid creams, how to use the cream, and its components alongside its benefits to the skin.

Bismid cream review

Bismid Cosmetics has been named the top cosmetics store in Lagos multiple times, and the brand maintains its position by providing items that fulfil the needs of its clients.

Customers in Nigeria and overseas have given excellent feedback on Bismid products. The product works well, provides the skin with a radiant complexion, and keeps the skin healthy. 

The cream contains some active ingredients such as Licorice Extract and Vitamin C which gives it the ability to make your skin look more softer, healthier and smoother.

Furthermore, it helps to maintain your natural look and also restore uneven skin tone. within seven days of proper usage.

Anne, a London-based consumer, said she enjoyed the Bismid product since it improved her skin and gave her the desired complexion. 

The weird fact remains that the cream is suitable for all skin types. Either you’re having fair skin, chocolate, caramel or dark skin, you can always use the cream. Below are some selected cream from the bismid brand.

Bismid Cream for Fair Skin 

As a fair-skin-toned person, Bismid cream is a perfect match for your skin because it will whiten your skin, eliminate all forms of discoloration and dark spots and make your skin texture firm and appealing.

Some best Bismid creams for fair skin include; Bismid snow white cream, Bismid whitening butter, vitamin c advance whitening cream, and Bismid clear and glow. 

Bismid cream for caramel skin ( golden, light browns with warm, soft complexions)

Many believe Bismid cream is only useful and available to persons with fair skin or seeking to brighten their skin tone. As surprising as it may sound, Bismid cosmetics has products for both caramel and chocolate complexion tones. 

A caramel-skinned person can utilise a combination of Bismid products. 

These sets include Bismid baby face soap, Bismid Alpha Arbutin bath, Bismid whitening butter glow, Bismid moisture glow day face lotion, Bismid herbal whitening soap, and Bismid blemish vanishing. 

However, choosing a combination appropriate for your skin type would be best.

Bismid cream for chocolate skin 

Bismid Cosmetics, as previously said, offers a wide range of products for all skin types. Bismid products for chocolate skin include Bismid butter glow chocolate cream. 

This product contains milk protein, which motorizes your skin and leaves it glowing, supple, toned, and healthy. This butter glow chocolate cream maintains your usual complexion without causing any adverse effects. 

Use the Bismid butter glow cream on your body every day, morning and night, to obtain the glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

What are the notable side effects of Bismid creams

The Bismid cream has no side effects. Many people have tried and trusted the cream over the years. The cream is well-known for its effectiveness. It is a high-quality cream that will not discolour or damage your skin. 

Bismid cream is the perfect for a lightening cream that offers your skin a healthy appearance. 

Investing in a high-quality cream that keeps your skin healthy and radiant rather than a low-quality cream that causes discoloration and other skin ailments is preferable. 

Benefits of using the Bismid cream

There are numerous benefits that one could benefit from using the cream and they are listed below


  • It gives you a glowing and flawless skin.
  • It lightens and brightens your skin,  and also decreases discoloration.
  • It lightens dark spots.
  • It also removes blemishes and freckles from your skin.

What are the Bismid cream ingredients

The ingredients used in Bismid cream include Aqua, Citrus Limonum, Aspergillus Sodium lactate, Tilla, Vitamin C, Betula Alba, Licorice Extract, Rubus Fruticosus, and Fragrance.

Does Bismid cream contain hydroquinone

No, Bismid cream does not contain hydroquinone. 

How much is Bismid cream in Nigeria

The prices of Bismid cream vary. It depends on the type of Bismid cream you want to purchase. 

Here are the prices of some Bismid creams. However, it is essential to note that these prices are not static and are subject to increment at any time by the manufacturers. 

  1. Bismid butter glow chocolate cream #12,000
  2. Bismid half-cast whining facial toner #9,000
  3. Bismid dark thigh cream #6000
  4. Bismid white body lotion #12,000
  5. Bismid intensive whitening cream #9000
  6. Bismid repair cream #11,000

Does Bismid cream cause stretch marks?

No, it does not. However, Bismid has a stretch mark cream/oil made from a herbal combination and fades off the area part of the stretch marks within months. 

How does Bismid cream work? 

Bismid cream erases discolorations or any dark areas in your body to give your skin a refreshing look. 

It makes your skin fairer and brighter and improves the texture and elasticity of your skin. The cream restores dead skin and makes your skin look healthy again.

Moreover, aside from the benefits of the cream that have been mentioned earlier, bismid cream also has some products that help to get rid of some skin conditions like sunburn within 7 days. 

The Bismid whitening UV defence SPF is a lightening face cream specially designed to repair the effect of sunburn, and the sunburn eraser cream helps get rid of the affected area in weeks. 

Also, Bismid cosmetics have some soap and cream that can combine to get your desired results. 

Some of the Bismid products soaps include Bismid gold facial whitening soap, Shirley 5 days face cream, Bismid face cream whitener, Bismid intensive whitening exfoliating body wash, Bismid lightening firming body soap, Bismid extra lightening and firming bath, Bismid snow white cream, Bismid Egyptian magic white and lot more. 


In conclusion, Bismid Cream is a luxurious lightening cream that gives your skin a radiant and healthy appearance without any side effects or skin conditions. 

If you love your skin and you want to maintain healthy and glowing skin, then Bismid cream is a perfect match for you.

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