Best Nivea Creams for fair skin in Nigeria

Having natural fair skin can sometimes be so easy but maintaining that perfection might be a difficult task to complete. 

Well, that shouldn’t be the case any longer, because here in this article we’ll be discussing the best Nivea creams for fair skin in Nigeria. 

However, have you ever considered whether Nivea creams are excellent for Nigerians with fair skin as a lover of their skincare products?

I guess you’ve not, but here’s the truth

Nivea cream is best for making the skin look brighter while preventing it against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. 

According to research, 98% of Nivea products do not bleach the skin but help to fade dark spots, scars, acne marks, and other skin hyperpigmentation problems that appear on your face and body.

If you use the cream correctly, it will bring your skin to perfection without generating any side effects. Below are my picks for Nivea cream you can use if you have fair skin as a Nigerian.

Best Nivea cream for fair skin in Nigeria

1. Nivea Lotion Natural Fairness

Best Nivea Creams for fair skin in Nigeria

The Nivea natural fairness lotion is one of the best creams I can recommend to anyone trying to maintain a balanced fair complexion in Nigeria.

The cream contains an innovative formula with licorice and berry extracts that gives the skin even-toned fairness. 

Does Nivea’s natural fairness lighten the skin? It is a daily moisturizer that has been formulated to enhance the skin’s natural radiance while leaving it velvety smooth. It also lowers dark pigmentation while protecting the skin from the sun with UV filters.

The cream is the same as Nivea Perfect & Radiant Even Tone Day Cream Spf15. However, the cream is still the same as the original formula which contains berry extracts and licorice which helps to reduce dark patches/spots from the skin as well as hyperpigmentation.

What are the side effects of Nivea natural fairness body lotion

There are no notable side effects from the cream however you may experience burning, stinging, redness, or irritation.

But these effects might be a result of the wrong usage of the cream. The majority of users may not suffer any unfavorable side effects, it is nevertheless advisable to understand your skin type and how it reacts to various substances.

2. Nivea Even and Radiant Body Lotion

Best Nivea Creams for fair skin in Nigeria

The even and radiant Nivea body lotion revitalizes, lightens, and tones the skin, giving it the pleasing appearance you desire. You have nothing to worry about because it does not bleach the skin or contain hydroquinone.

It is noted to be one of the best Nivea creams for fair skin in Nigeria which helps to lighten and clear dark patches and also protect the skin against dangerous rays from the sun.

It absorbs fast into the skin and leaves no trace of a greasy pattern on the skin. Although it is not recommended to use the cream on the face because you might experience pimples.

It is also inappropriate for people with oily skin types. Some customers claim that they become darker while using the cream, however, this could be because you may have previously used bleaching creams; since the bleaching has ceased, the skin may appear to be becoming darker.  

3. Nivea Men Deep Impact Lotion

Best Nivea Creams for fair skin in Nigeria

The men’s deep-action Nivea cream is also among the best that lightens the skin in Nigeria.

The cream has a strong, woodsy, and spicy scent and absorbs quickly. It is suitable for all skin types and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

But the side effects I noticed while using the cream were that it peels off the top layer of my skin and it leaves a hot or cool sensation on the skin.

Although it still does it works by brightening my skin and it costs just N2000.

4. Nivea Whitening Cool Sensation Body Lotion

Best Nivea Creams for fair skin in Nigeria

The whitening cool feeling body lotion from Nivea is medium creamy in texture and absorbs quickly into the skin. The lotion spreads and massages easily due to how light it feels and how quickly it absorbs.

This body lotion is non-greasy and non-oily, making it ideal for summer. It has a very calming, fresh vibe to it. But it is a great body lotion that helps to balance out the skin tone.

The Nivea whitening cool sensation body lotion price in Nigeria is N3000 but prices may differ based on your location.

5. Nivea Natural Glow body lotion

Best Nivea Creams for fair skin in Nigeria

The Nivea natural glow body lotion was formerly known to be the Nivea extra whitening lotion which contains active ingredients that are meant to brighten the skin and make it look fresh.

This cream does not contain hydroquinone and it is Nivea’s best cream for fair skin in Nigeria. It contains SPF 15 which helps to protect your skin against sunburns resulting in skin damage. 

In just two weeks of use, the cream’s results may be seen, restoring uneven skin tone and shielding it from harm. 

Speaking about its ingredients, it contains Camu Camu & Acerola Cherry 50 times for Vitamin C.

How to use Nivea cream for skin whitening in Nigeria

If you use any of the best Nivea creams for fair skin in Nigeria inappropriately, you might end up not noticing adequate results in time. For instance, some of Nivea’s lighting products require you to use them only at night, on your body and not your face, and vice versa.

For instance, the Nivea Men Deep Impact Lotion does not have an adequate effect on my face while I was applying it. I only saw perfect lightning results on the other parts of my body.

So the first step to being able to use any of Nivea creams for skin whitening in Nigeria is to know the type of lotion you’re buying.

Secondly, knowing your skin type also helps in determining the suitability and best Nivea cream for fair skin in Nigeria. There are specific creams made for different kinds of skin types and it’s good to determine which nivea cream is suitable for your skin type

Even though you’re fair in complexion, you still need to know your skin type. This would help to fasten the results and help keep your skin on the safer side.

Thirdly, the mode of application might be a daily routine of morning and night while others would specifically be just at night for better results.

So it is best to know what routine works for your skin. If you have a very sensitive skin type, I’ll suggest you only use any Nivea cream for fair skin thrice a week and only at night even though it contains sun rays protection content.

Does Nivea cream make your skin lighter

Yes, some of Nivea’s products are specifically made to brighten the skin while some are made to give you your original skin complexion.

So when buying a Nivea product to lighten your fair skin in Nigeria, make sure to check for its usage instructions and complexity.


Have you had any experience from the creams I mentioned above? Do drop your comment using the box below and we’ll definitely reply to you. This is all I could suggest about the best Nivea cream for fair skin in Nigeria that really works well.

Best Nivea Creams for fair skin in Nigeria



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