Do you also think it takes many days for bb clear face cream to work? Well that is not true because the cream is formulated with super active ingredients that enable it to give your face that flourish pigmentation you desire.

BB clear face cream is also called BB clear dark spot removal. The cream is primarily designed to remove all kinds of stubborn dark spots on the face that pimples or dark heads might have caused.

The BB clear face cream contains vitamin extracts and AHA, which gives the face a radiant, smooth, beautiful, glowing appearance. It also contains SPF 15, which protects the skin from sun damage and gives the face a lightening complexion. BB clear face cream is soft, making it spotless, flawless and supple. 

However, the cream has been reported to be sensitive to some skinned-toned types. For example, a friend said she purchased BB clear face cream because her fair sister recommended the cream to her. Unfortunately, rather than getting the same result her sister experienced while using the face cream, she experienced the reverse. She said the cream gave her dark knuckles, sunburn and pimples.

Well for you to avoid this scenario, I have decided to tell you everything you need to know about the bb clear face cream, its side effects, benefits, active ingredients, hydroquinone percentage and many more.

BB clear face cream reviews

Guess what! I am a BB Clear Face Cream fan. I bought this product a few months ago because I was looking for something to help me get rid of acne scars. At first, I was skeptical about whether or not it would work, but after seeing results in just a few weeks, I decided to keep using it.

The cream is easy to apply and for better results, you should apply it once every night, and you can also use it during the day with a sunscreen cream [i’ll recommend the skin doctor sunscreen creams]. It does sting a little bit when you first put it on, but that goes away quickly.

I recommend this product if you need something that will help improve the appearance of your skin without any harsh chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. However, I advise that you don’t use it during the day unless with a sunscreen cream because you are prone to sunburn when exposed to the sun. 

What are the side effects of BB clear face cream?

There have been diverse opinions about the side effects of BB clear face cream. Some of the negative reviews about the side effect of BB clear face and body cream include:

  • It gives them dark knuckles
  • It gives them sunburn ( when used and exposed to the sun) 
  • It gives them pimples 
  • It gives a dark under-eye circle

It is advisable to understand that this cream does not cause these effects to every skin type and moreover the way you use or apply the cream might also cause some effects which are negative compared to your expectations.

BB cream side effects can result from you using the cream on a hot sunny day or if you have a very sensitive skin.

Benefits of Using BB clear face cream

BB clear cream has some benefits it offers the skin. For example, if you are a fair person and want to brighten your skin tone, BB clear face cream is a perfect one to get. Some of the benefits of BB clear face cream include: 

  • It lightens and brightens the face and gives it a radiant appearance
  • It brightens the skin 
  • It clears dark spots
  • It reduces dark knuckles 
  • It clears sunburn ( This depends on the skin type) 
  • It treats hyperpigmentation 

Ingredients of BB clear face cream 

Water, Paraffinum liquidum, Stearic Acid, Uv protection, Isopropyl myristate, Sodium metabisulfite, Argan oil, Vitamin B5, Alpha Hydroxy Acid(AHA), and Fragrance. 

Does BB clear face cream contain hydroquinone? 

No, BB clear face cream does not contain hydroquinone.

Does BB clear face cream bleach? 

Yes, BB clear face cream bleach because BB clear face cream contains natural bleaching cream from plants, it lightens the skin. 

Does BB clear face cream remove pimples? 

BB clear face cream does remove pimples according to healthline but i’ll recommend treating your pimples or acne with other specified products before using the face cream. BB clear face cream might only lighten your face and give you smooth and glowing skin. 

Is BB clear good for the face? 

Yes the cream is very good and its ingredients are specially formulated to allow you to use it on your face, only when you’re not wearing makeup.

The BB Clear formula is made with a special blend of gentle enough ingredients for daily use and effective enough to help improve your skin tone, texture, and clarity. It’s also enriched with vitamin E and moisturizing silicones to keep your skin hydrated and looking its best.

BB Clear is an excellent product for anyone who wants to get rid of any imperfections in their skin but doesn’t want to have to wear makeup all day long—or if they don’t care if they look like they’re wearing makeup at all times!

How to use BB clear face cream 

Before using cream on your face, wash it with water and pat it dry with a clean towel. Put a small amount of the BB clear face cream on your palm, evenly massage it into your skin, and wait for the cream to absorb.

How to know the original BB clear face cream

BB clear face cream is produced in Togo and is white in color. The cream is packed in a paper package and it is medium in size, making it light-weighted.

Does the BB clear face cream eradicate sunburn? 

No, BB clear face cream does not clear sunburn nor does it cause sunburn. However, reviews from customers have verified that you are most likely to get sunburn if exposed to the sun after using the face cream.


Donyou also have contribution to add to this bb clear face cream reviews? Please don’t hesitate to do that by using the comments section below.

BB clear face cream review



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